Devlog: February 24, 2023

Finally got a couple things done on ScreenCred. Fixed a couple bugs that were…bugging me.

I updated the search sorting a bit. I was finding TMDb’s sorting of results a bit odd. I previously updated it to sort by popularity. Now, if a title matches the query exactly, it will be at the top. I also prioritize matches that contain the exact text of the query. Other than that, still sorts by priority.

I was also having a bug where the toolbar would think the keyboard was still there after dismissing search. This only happened on device, not simulator. For now I put in a little hack to dismiss the keyboard manually before dismissing the sheet. Seems to be related to using .searchable, which does not give access to the focus state of the search field—as far as I know.

With those 2 pesky bugs off my plate, I think I will start on iPad support next week.

February 24, 2023