Year of Discipline Update—Writing and Development


I haven’t finished writing the book I started for my daughter. Still need to do that…

But, I’ve been writing for my blog pretty regularly. Mostly devlogs. Looks like 23 this year so far. Plus a handful of other posts. It’s been fun a good way to close out my dev sessions for the day.

I would like to do more posts outside of devlogs. I’ve been reading more books lately, and think it would be helpful for me to write more about what I learned from them. Writing helps me organize my thoughts.

In fact, in an attempt to write some more, I’m writing a few posts and scheduling them to be published. Just feel like writing prose instead of writing code today.


My intention is still to work on my side projects 3 days week. Kids schedules have been changing a lot lately, so I haven’t been the most consistent the last couple of months. But 3 days a week is still the target. My wife has been really supportive of it, which is incredibly nice and helpful.

I’ve made really good, steady progress on ScreenCred. I think it’s almost to the point that I’ll feel comfortable doing a public beta of it.

I also feel like I’ve learned a lot. One of the goals of ScreenCred was to just try things. That’s one reason progress has been slow1. But that’s one way I keep myself interested. Instead of grinding away on the iOS app, I might take a week to work on the website. Can’t remember who said it, but it’s good to have multiple projects so that you can procrastinate one by working on the other.

I’m not going to put a deadline on ScreenCred. There’s not point right now. Maybe I will in the future, but at this rate I expect I’ll have it ready by Summer. And if not, oh well.

I think there is still a lot of work to do in these areas. I have a harder time being consistent with writing and developing than I do with things like running for whatever reason. I need to consider more how I can make these more a part of my life while still working full-time and leaving ample time for my family. I’ve been feeling a bit unmotivated and discouraged. In reality though, I think I’m doing okay. But I feel the warning signs of burnout coming on. I need to continue to learn how to manage that, while still making progress.

  1. Compared to what?↩︎

March 31, 2023