Very Good Websites & Such



I started a little business called Very Good Websites & Such.

I setup a little business. A couple people wanted me to make websites for them. I’ve never built a website for someone else before before, and definitely not for money. While I’m proficient in HTML, CSS, and JS, I still feel like there is a steep learning curve for me. The first site is basically just a landing page, but there are things I haven’t had to worry so much about before, like SEO. There is definitely a lot I need to learn and understand.

Building sites for clients is definitely a new experience and challenge for me, but it’s been exciting! I’m by no means doing it full time (hardly part time at that) since I already have a great full time job. But the idea of working for myself has always appealed to me. So we’ll see what happens. So Very Good Websites & Such has been born and it’s been fun.

If you have good tips or resources on being a freelance web developer, especially part time, let me know!