Focuses by the Numbers

Here are a few numbers related to making Focuses that may or may not be interesting.

130 Hours

This is the first project I have time tracked. The first commit for Focuses was on December 13, 2019. About 13 weeks later I submitted it for review. So that’s about 10 hours a week. Some weeks were much less and some were much more. This also doesn’t include times when I was thinking about the app when I couldn’t sleep or showering and stuff like that. A lot of the work on Focuses was done early in the morning before I started work for my full-time job. 130 hours seems like a lot to me, but it’s about 3 weeks of full time work.

147 Tasks Complete

I’m using Things to keep track of everything I’m working on for this app. This probably isn’t that useful of a number since my tasks ranged from iPad” to Fix accent color on focus edit sheet”. But 147 sounds kind of impressive.

183 Commits

A commit is every time I make a change to the code and save it to version control. Only about a dozen of these were of the Uncomment code I commented out” variety. My build number is based on the number of commits on the master branch. Again, this number doesn’t mean a whole lot because some commits were changing a single color and some were adding multiple views and data models at the same time.

19 Minutes Spent In In Review”

This surprised me. I submitted it for review about 7 am on March 9. About 6 hours later it moved from Waiting for Review” to In Review”. Then about 19 minutes later it moved into Pending Developer Release”.

Let me know if there are any other numbers you’re curious about on Twitter, or use the contact form.

March 24, 2020