Focuses Roadmap

I had to cut myself off on adding new features to Focuses pretty early on. If I let myself keep going, I probably never would’ve released.

Here’s a few things on my roadmap that I would like to work on.

  • Better iPad support. This might be my biggest priority. Current iPad support is basic at best. I wanted to launch with multiple device support using CloudKit. I had never used CloudKit before, so I’m glad I went ahead, because I quickly found I did things wrong. A lot of people’s data would not have synced if I added it later. Anyway, my focus was on getting Focuses onto iPad, not making a good iPad app. There’s a lot about making good iPad apps that I just don’t know, so I’m excited to learn.
  • Data import/export. I think it would be nice to be able to export all the data as a CSV or something. Importing will be a little tricky because I will have to think about how to handle existing data. I could always start with just export.
  • Shortcuts support. There’s a few shortcuts that I think might be useful.
  • Watch app. I’ve never built a watch app before, so that would be kind of fun.
  • Graphs and trends. Some beta testers said that having graphs might be nice. While I think the calendar view does a pretty good job, I’m going to explore this. Perhaps a way to view week by week or month by month instead of day by day. Or a way to see at a glance if you’re doing better or worse on a particular focus.
  • Widget. I’ve also never made a widget, so again, lots to figure out.
  • Smarter and richer notifications. Right now, notifications are pretty basic, once a day at the same time, regardless of if you’ve entered scores or not. There’s a lot of opportunity here to do more.

There’s more on my list, but these are probably the biggest. If you have any ideas, or your favorite feature is missing, let me know on Twitter, or use the contact form.

March 26, 2020