Devlog: Nov 16, 2022

I’m still procrastinating and thinking about stuff. So I decided to tinker with a couple things I’ve never done. I was playing around with Federico Viticci’s incredible Apple Frames shortcut, and thought, how do you combine 2 images in an app? So decided to give it a try in a SwiftUI Mac app.

Basically, I have a ZStack with 2 images and then use ImageRenderer to create and image I can save to disk. Pretty cool!

I’m using the .onDrop modifier. It gives you an array of NSItemProvider. I’ve never used that before, so not totally sure what I can do with it yet. But for now, I call loadDataRepresentation which gives a Progress which I also don’t know how to use. I found it interesting that there doesn’t seem to be an async alternative for loadDataRepresentation, still takes a completion handler. Might just be missing it though. Anyway, lots of things to explore.


November 16, 2022