Devlog: Nov 17, 2022

Just been working on some small polish things. Like real small things—make sure the buttons have the right color. So I over-engineered it! I always forget how to make custom ButtonStyle, so putting this here for reference. I have a view modifier for the shared stuff between multiple button styles that can simply be used like .buttonBase. Than to style a button, .buttonStyle(.primaryButton). Easy! Definitely worth the effort for the 2 buttons I have. But did do some Swift generics stuff which is always exciting…

struct ButtonBase<S: ShapeStyle>: ViewModifier {
    let background: S
    let isPressed: Bool
    func body(content: Content) -> some View {
            .padding(.horizontal, 20)
            .padding(.vertical, 6)
            .opacity(isPressed ? 0.5 : 1)

extension View {
    func buttonBase<S: ShapeStyle>(background: S, isPressed: Bool) -> some View {
        modifier(ButtonBase(background: background, isPressed: isPressed))

struct PrimaryButton: ButtonStyle {
    @Environment(\.colorScheme) private var colorScheme
    func makeBody(configuration: Configuration) -> some View {
            .buttonBase(background: Color.primary, isPressed: configuration.isPressed)

extension ButtonStyle where Self == PrimaryButton {
    static var primary: Self {
        return .init()


November 17, 2022