Devlog: Nov 3, 2022

Did two things on Lightbulbs today.

Empty State

Added a simple empty state to collections. Tap the button to add a new idea. Easy!

Fixed a Bug With editMode

Screenshot of settings viewSettings view

The settings view has a section that lets you reorder collections. I was using .environment(\.editMode, .constant(.active)) to make that section look like it could be interacted with1. Before iOS 16, this would disable all buttons in the rest of the View, including navigation links. Not useful. This was fixed in iOS 16! Then iOS 16.1 came out. Broken again…so time to work around. Luckily, the onMove modifier still works without setting edit mode2. So I added the icons myself.

Still have a bug with add new collections. I translate the current collection to an index to get/store a bunch of state to make some animations work. Still getting some errors with that.

  1. There might’ve been another reason, but I can’t remember. So hopefully not.↩︎

  2. Maybe this would not have worked in iOS 16 and this fixed that? I could go back and check, but…↩︎

November 3, 2022