Devlog: Dec 1, 2022

Been doing these devlogs for a month now. So far, I’m liking it!

Did a little work on my different version of Lightbulbs—focusing on the prompts instead of storing ideas. I think it’s going to work out. Much simpler and smaller in scope. I adding a setting that will let you append text when you save an idea. Planning on using this to automatically add #idea when I save it to Bear.

But, I’m having a hard time deciding which prompts to actually include. A friend suggested using GPT-3 to generate a bunch. I need to dig into that more. So right now I just have it showing 2 random words. Not that helpful, but better than nothing.

Some things left I want to do:

  • Better prompts—perhaps with some being premium.
  • A widget that shows a prompt every hour or something.
  • A daily reminder.
  • Keep track of how many ideas you’ve saved.
  • Possibly update the UI to make it like you’re swiping through cards.

Besides Lightbulbs, my brain is still churning on what’s new pages. I have an idea for a little backend that will let me update changelogs, upcoming features, etc. and the app will use an API to get the data for the current version, in addition to a public website for each app. Overkill for sure, especially since I have zero apps. But for some reason, I love what’s new pages in apps, and I want to explore an over-engineered solution.

December 1, 2022