Devlog: December 21, 2022

I was having trouble with one of my algorithms. I would make changes to objects in an array, but those changes would not stick. It took me a long time to realize that it was because the objects were structs, which are passed by reference. So each time I was accessing, it was a different reference. Switched them to classes and now it works as expected. Still need to understand better when to use a struct vs a class.

Any, I got to the point that I can see cast a crew comparisons!

A screenshot showing a comparison of cast and crew between Star Wars: The Force Awakens and AndorMy second attempt at this screen

I’m still not sure how to best layout the information, especially on a phone. I think the center aligned text is a little difficult to scan. But, at least the data is there! I had to work with the data a bit because there are cases where the same person has multiple credits because they had multiple roles—writer, director, actor, etc. I need to dig into the data/my algorithm more, because I’m seeing some cases where I know someone is involved in both movies, but no results are showing up.

I’m also having issues with my debounce. Sometimes it will just not emit. So I might get rid of it. Do requests get cancelled if you make a bunch in quick succession? Need to look into that. Also sometimes not getting images loading in my search results.

December 21, 2022