Devlog: December 23, 2022

Spent some time setting up my own Mastodon instance. Mostly just to try it out. I’m not sure if I’ll keep it going—managing a server I don’t really need sounds hard. It’s fun having as my handle though.

I mostly followed two guides and setup my instance on a Linode with Docker:

I’m actually hosting the instance at, but I wanted the handle to be This wasn’t too difficult. Just needed to set LOCAL_DOMAIN and WEB_DOMAIN properly in .env.production, the update my nginx config to redirect the webfinger correctly. After those changes, it seems to be working?

I had a couple things stump me, but that was mostly me not being able to read. I missed that I needed to change my roots in the nginx config and a couple other things. But also, I ran the setup script, put in all the information, and it asked Do you want me to save this to .env.production?” Yes please. And then it just didn’t. So I needed to add a few config options it was missing. And I put in the wrong values at a couple points so the web server couldn’t start up and I didn’t really know how to see the logs to debug because I’m a Docker n00b.

Then for funs, I made and set up an IFTTT automation to post every time I post to the blog—followed this blog. Going to try that now…


December 23, 2022