Devlog: December 8, 2022

Okay. I think I figured out what I’m going to work on. I’m going to make an app that will let me find common cast and crew between two movies or shows. More than once, I’ve been sitting on the couch and I’ll think something like this movie feels kinda similar to this other show.” I’ll dig in on IMDB and turns out they have the same director of photography, or composer, or something like that. I’m sure this is something only I have run into or desired. I searched movie compare” on the App Store and nothing came up, so obviously a huge untapped market.

I started in on it today and it’s exciting. So far, it seems to be small in scope, will have some fun design challenges, and will give me a change to use things I haven’t really done before.

I’m going to use The Movie Database’s API. Also looking into Boutique for storing data and whatnot. Nothing to show at the moment. Mostly spent the time getting things setup to use the API—mainly figuring out how to use URLSession and JSONDecoder with Codable, which I have used very little before. Excited to learn some new things!

December 8, 2022