My Supposed Dream Job

I think that my dream job would be an indie developer. But I’m not sure. I wish I could try it.

I don’t have enough money saved up to just quit my job and give it a go. I also don’t feel like I have enough energy to put in a real effort to make it work in my free time. And, maybe a bigger problem, I haven’t had an idea that I think could be financially sustainable long term.

Also, history has also shown that I tend to burn out on something as soon as people start using it. Maybe I would feel differently if it were my full time job.

Maybe this all just means that I don’t want it enough; that I’m not willing to take the risks. People who really want something make it happen right? That’s at least how the story goes. Could also be that it’s just not the right time and I need to be patient, save money, and wait for the right idea. Or if I really do want it, really put in the effort to make it work in my free time until I can my it my full time job. All of these sound quite daunting.

It’s hard thinking I know what I want, but equally unsure if that’s actually what I want and how to make it happen. I’m 30 now. Feels like I should know what I want by now. But I’ll keep trying to figure it out.

May 18, 2022