Wwdc 2022 Wishlist

Here’s some things I’m hoping for this year at WWDC:

  • Multiple user support in iPadOS.
  • Password sharing.
    • My wife and I share passwords for various accounts. This is what keeps us on 1Password.
  • Interactive widgets.
    • Along with more reliable widget updates.
  • Not having to restart my computer and iPhone to get Xcode to run an app on my device.
  • No more endlessly preparing watch for development in Xcode.
  • Big SwiftUI updates.
    • I love SwiftUI, but I can’t do everything in it yet. Any specifics I list would be subject to recency bias. So, I’ll just say breaking out of the mold in SwiftUI can be really painful and I would like it to not be painful.
  • Whatever Marco Arment needs on watchOS to make downloads reliable and fast in Overcast.

That’s what came to mind to me in the last 5 minutes or so. Overall, I like using Apple platforms and I enjoy developing for them. I’m excited to see what will be announced at WWDC.

June 2, 2022