2023 and the Year of Discipline

I thought I knew what I was going to be writing about here, then I started looking back through my previous yearly themes and whoops, sorry 2022. Forgot about you.

  • 2020 — Year of Groundwork
  • 2021 — Year of Momentum
  • 2022 — ???

I guess the Year of Momentum went well…but honestly, 2022 was an extension of both Groundwork and Momentum. I had a lot of hopes for some big changes in 2022, but it ended up being mostly smaller changes. Those smaller changes have been good, but they could be better. That’s what I want in 2023.

2023 is going to be the Year of Discipline.

At first, this sounds a bit negative. But for me, it’s about not being driven by whims, being dedicated, and improving my habits. For example:

  • I ran over 450 miles in 2022 (200 more miles than 2021.) This year, I want to run farther, more often, and faster. Just get a bit better.
  • I started working on side projects 3 times a week and writing devlogs. I want to do better at not skipping days.
  • I tend to overeat, especially junk food and at night. It affects my sleep and my mood quite a bit. So I want to have more disciplined eating habits.
  • I’ll turn off my alarm and skip some morning workouts because I’m too tired.

Things like that. I’m okay at a lot of things, but I want to become better. Better runner, better writer, better developer, better healthy habits haver, etc. and I believe that being more diligent and disciplined is key. And I think making these smaller, incremental changes will lead directly to the larger changes I was hoping for in 2022.

Sorry I pretty much forgot about you 2022, but you kinda forgot about me too. So we’re even.

January 1, 2023