Devlog: January 2, 2023

Well, got myself in weird pickle yesterday. All I wanted to do was fix It wasn’t showing all the recent episodes. I guess it was failing because the RSS feed I’m parsing had changed and I didn’t know. I couldn’t run it locally because I’m on an Apple silicon chip now which node-sass couldn’t handle. Updated that, got things fixed, but then Netlify couldn’t build it. Ugh. Long story short, I updated things locally, fixed the issues, then reverted the lib updates and pushed to prod 🤫. Website seems to be working now.

Been trying out Helix. I’ve been enjoying LunarVim quite a bit. But Helix feels a bit faster and less finicky. But, still feels a bit rough around the edges. Really hope they add emmet support and a file tree. Seems to be struggling a bit with my Vue project—syntax highlighting not quite right, incorrect comment characters. I can’t seem to figure out how to get it show hidden files in the file picker too. I like that I don’t have to install a bunch of stuff to get it to work though. Gonna keep giving it a go and see what I think. Been spending most of my time in Xcode anyway. I’m a little concerned about getting used to Helix bindings and not being able to use them in other editors like you can vim bindings.

For my movie compare app, I added a clear button. When you select 2 movies, a button will show up to clear them both. Might be useful. Might not be. We’ll see.

I also added an indication in the search results if you have already selected one of the results.

A screenshot of search results. The top one is grayscale and has a green checkmark on it, indicating that it is already selected.So fancy! But probably need to give it some more contrast.

I think I like this, but I wonder if people might get confused and think that it means their current search already has a selection. I’ll mull it over.

January 2, 2023