Devlog: January 23, 2023

Was kinda in a funk today. Took on a task that was maybe a bit beyond my energy level today. I’m trying to make the images shrink as you scroll up. I have a GeometryReader updating a PreferenceKey as you scroll. The problem is that the size adjustment changes the position of my measurement view in the scroll view. I think this is because my header is in a safeAreaInset. I may need to change my header to be in a ZStack or something.

A screen recording showing images resize as the user scrolls. The images do not change size smoothly.Not great...

I’m not quite sure what else to try. Using safeAreaInset seems to be the right choice for this layout, but obviously is causing issues. Even if I use the global coordinate space instead of a named/local one, the offset does not seem to change smoothly”. So probably going to need to try some different layouts.

January 23, 2023