Devlog: February 7, 2023

Today was a bit of a chores day. I’m working on a Swift package to hold all the common extension, helpers, components etc. between my apps. Cleverly named SamKit. I added SamKit, dealt with issues like making things public and whatnot. I’ve added it as a local package so that I can edit it along side my app.

I’m also getting things ready for TestFlight 😱. It will be a bit before it’s ready for public testing—want to get some webpages ready first. I was a bit frustrated because apparently the name I picked (and already bought a domain for) is taken. I had done an App Store search and didn’t find anything the night I was coming up with names. Maybe I missed it. But it’s there now. So I had to spend about 20 mins coming up with a name that would fit in the 30 character limit1. Hopefully the other app will be just go away one of these days and I can take the short name2.

I’m giving Xcode Cloud a shot again, but honestly, not very impressed at the moment. Queue times seem to be really long. Like 20mins. Was much faster when I was beta testing it. So maybe I’ll switch to something like Fastlane and do it locally instead.

  1. What’s the name you ask? Patience. I will let you all know soon.↩︎

  2. It hasn’t been updated in over a year and has 1 star.↩︎

February 7, 2023