I feel drained.

It’s been difficult to get myself to work on ScreenCred and other projects. It’s a combination of all sorts of things—poor sleep, new responsibilities at work, disruption from travel, kids schedules. I don’t do well when my groove gets ruined.

I need to make a list. ScreenCred is like 90% done.” I’m at least thinking of it as feature complete. Of course the last 10% takes 90% of the effort—or whatever it is. I’ve got a few lists of odds and ends I need to consolidate and prioritize.

I would like to try and get things back to normal. But I’m also wondering if I need to make other changes, like finding a coworking place to go a couple times a week, or taking a day or two off and working on it exclusively.

I was on a pretty good streak. And I’m still interested in trying to work on things in a consistent and sustainable way.

March 21, 2023