Devlog: May 11, 2023

It’s apparently been a little bit since I’ve posted. My family and I have been sick for about the last 3 weeks straight. Has not been fun. Took me out of my groove and I haven’t made much progress on things. Starting to get back into it.

I’ve made one substantial change to ScreenCred.

Casey Liss of ATP and other parts of the internet, is working on a TMDb iOS client called Callsheet. If you’re a subscriber to ATP, you can join the TestFlight. He recently added support for a URL scheme to open movies, shows, people in his app. I was very excited for this! ScreenCred currently lets you open the details of a movie or person in an in-app browser or Safari. But with this new URL scheme, I can open the details in Callsheet instead. I think this is a much better experience.

Feeling lazy, so no demo right now.

I had never used another app’s URL scheme before, so a couple things I learned.

  • You need to add the URL scheme to info.plist using LSApplicationQueriesSchemes.
  • You can use UIApplication.shared.canOpenURL to essentially check if the app is installed. In my case, I fallback to the default of opening the details in an in-app browser.

So now, if you have Callsheet installed, you can open details from ScreenCred in it. Pretty neat.

I’m also working on expanding my URL scheme to allow a single movie or show to be opened in the app. This would let apps like Callsheet open ScreenCred from a movie details page, or something like that. Probably won’t be used, but will help me sleep better at night.

May 11, 2023