Do Nothing

I’m currently at the end of a break between jobs. I took one week off. I had grand schemes of working on my app, maybe starting some other new things, etc. Pretty quickly though, it was clear I needed something else. I ended up just relaxing. Read books. Visited family. Took naps. Played some games. Fiddled with my nevoid config. The usual relaxing stuff. It was nice.

I feel a bit guilty about it about it though.

I’m fortunate enough that I can take time off, unpaid, without it running everything. But I feel like I should’ve been more productive” with that time. My work tends to come in waves. I think that’s pretty normal, but in the times when I’m not feeling inspired or motivated, I feel like I’m just lazy. But, it’s okay to do nothing sometimes. I often forget how important breaks are, wether it’s during the day or during the year. Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is nothing.

It was a nice little break and now I’m excited to jump into my new job.

May 21, 2023