Devlog: July 17, 2023

I submitted ScreenCred for review yesterday. After listening to the latest ATP today, I’m expecting some rejections around my use of movie and show posters in the screenshots, and potentially in the app. If it get’s rejected, I’m not sure how much effort I’m going to put into resolving issues. While I’ve spent a lot of time on the app (3–5 hours a week for the last 7 months or so…) I know it’s a niche app that would not likely be wildly successful. Probably not even mildly successful. But I would still like it to be on the App Store, for myself.

I have another app I want to work on with my wife for our kids. That one might have a better chance. So part of submitting ScreenCred was to help clear the decks before starting on that in earnest.

So we’ll see what happens! Perfect world, it sails through app review and makes enough to pay for it’s own server costs and more!

July 17, 2023