Devlog: July 22, 2023

So it turns out it was a good thing I soft launched ScreenCred yesterday. I quickly found out that the App Clip did not work the way I wanted. When you received a message with the link or visited in Safari, there was nothing. It took me longer than I’d like to admit, but I discovered that I had not read carefully enough.

When I originally started this, I went through the Universal Links guides. So my associated domains had Cool. That will open those links in the app. When I went through the App Clips guide, I guess I wasn’t looking closely enough. I thought it used the same associated domain. But no, it uses appclips, not applinks. So I added that, pushed up an update for version 1.0.1, which got reviewed and approved yesterday.

Read carefully kids.

I learned one way to tell that your App Clip is setup correctly is through App Store Connect. If you look at a build with an App Clip, you should see Domain Status, which will show you the associated domain(s) if everything is setup correctly.

App Store Connect build section showing a build with 1 valid domainGreen checkmark = good App Store Connect domain URL status dialog showing 1 valid domainAnother green checkmark with the correct domain = gooder

If everything is good, you should see a green checkmark.

With that fixed, the App Clip works as expected!!

I think this is pretty cool.

I’m glad I was able to learn these things. Very useful for the future. And I’m glad I decided to soft-launch ScreenCred. Now I feel more confident announcing it to the 4 people who care.

July 22, 2023