A Disappointing Training

A few weeks ago, I went out of my comfort zone and volunteered to do a training at work. Historically, I don’t do well talking to groups. I’m much better with one-on-one or small groups—where I can talk with and not at people. Adding to my nervousness, I’m new at the company. But I thought I had something worthwhile to talk about and was determined to do it. The training was today, and I don’t think it went very well.

What went wrong? I thought I had prepared properly, but nope. I grossly underestimated how long it would take me to code the live demo. Too slow at the beginning and too fast at the end when things got more complex. I didn’t take the time to know what level my audience was at. I think I went too deep too fast. I don’t think I got across what I was trying to get explain.

I also had another meeting right before my training. I didn’t have adequate time to clear my head and review my notes. I was a bit frazzled. I sometimes wish I was the kind of person who could just talk. But I’m not. And, maybe it’s just from lack of experience, but even when I practice, my brain just goes blank. If I try to go off book, it’s game over for me.

It just kinda made me sad. I tried to do well, but was just reminded that I’m not naturally good at these things. It just makes me think, do I focus on my strengths, or work on improving my weaknesses? I don’t know. I know which one sounds easier to me! But instead of doing these live trainings/presentations, maybe I try writing them instead. Or try something new and do video, where I can plan and edit.

Anyway. I just read Quiet and this stuff is on the forefront of my mind. Lots to think about!

August 2, 2023