Devlog: August 17, 2023

I guess I’m working on ScreenCred.

2 things today. First I got Shared with You in a pretty good place.

A screenshot of the ScreenCred iPhone app showing a Shared with You shelfHow fancy!

I was able to reuse my logic for parsing URLs that I used for opening Universal Links and reuse views I made for suggestions. Worked out pretty well! Still got a couple things I want to try and polish up. They load asynchronously, so they kinda just pop in. I’m going to see if I can get those to animate in nicely instead.

The second thing I worked on was image caching. Right now, when you open the app, pretty much all the images need to load again. Not great. Being lazy, I looked for a package I could add that would do this for me. I looked at Nuke first. It seems to be quite popular and have some good options. I added it and everything looked good. Then I noticed it added 1.1MB to my app size. Not huge, but considering my app is about 3.6MB, that’s an increase of about 30%. I wasn’t in love with that. Luckily, I came across CachedAsyncImage. It has the same API as SwiftUI’s AsyncImage, which is super nice. I really just had to add Cached before them. Still testing it, but so far seems to be working great, and it only adds 0.1MB to the app size. I can live with that.

August 17, 2023