Devlog: September 10, 2023

A friend of mine likes to say every app either starts or ends as a spreadsheet.”

My wife and I have a spreadsheet we use to track our savings and what we are savings towards. The best feature of this spreadsheet is that it projects when we will meet our goals. I didn’t set things up perfectly, so it’s gotten out of sync and the projections are wrong right now. I thought this might be a nice thing to convert to an app of some sort.

I recently read Hypermedia Systems1. It got me hyped to try out Htmx. I got a Go server running with Fiber, added Htmx, Alpine.js, and Picocss. I was ready to go.

I started thinking things through in my thinking chair. A line from Hypermedia Systems came to mind. Under the section When Shouldn’t You Use Hypermedia?” The authors write, One example that springs immediately to mind is an online spreadsheet application.”


It still could be done, but probably not the best idea to start with.

What did I end up doing? During a work meeting that I didn’t really need to pay attention to, I took 10 mins and fixed the logic in my spreadsheet. It now appears to calculate things correctly. This was the right solution.

Now I need to find a new project to try Htmx on. I’m sure I could still make this project work with Htmx, but I want to try it on something it is especially well-suited for.

  1. If you can get over the overuse of emphasis in the book, I think this is a worthwhile read and I quite enjoyed it. Not only did the ideas and philosophies speak to me, I thought they did a good job of answering every question I had about Htmx going into it.↩︎


September 10, 2023