Uses: Mini Ring Notebook

While I’ve always like the idea of pocket notebooks like Field Notes, they never really clicked with me. Probably user error, but I have a hard time writing in pocket notebooks. The spines are so stiff, that it takes effort to keep them open while writing in them. As an alternative, I started using some imported index cards instead, and loved it. But then they’d get flipped upside down or shuffled and I’d get lost.

Enter the Life Noble Mini Ring notebook. I just received another restock of these today, so figured it was the right time to write about these.

The JetPens description sums up why I love them so much:

This mini-sized notebook is perfect for carrying in a purse or pocket. Its twin-ring binding lets you fold the pages back completely and to tear out individual pages when you need to.


  • The paper is pretty great. I’ve used pencil, gel, fountain pens, and fineliners. Handles them all great.
  • Size is perfect—it fits perfectly in my front shirt pocket.
  • Can just tear paper out. Since it’s ring bound, ripping a paper out won’t ruin the binding.
  • They stay open. Plus, open all the way to easily hold in one hand. Small and compact, all the time.
  • Cream-colored paper. Might be a con for some, but white paper feels so bright to me. Cream-colored paper feels soft and friendly—character.


  • I worry about the rings scratching things if I throw it in a bag.
  • Expensive. $5 each is not cheap. Worth it for me, but not everyone.

This is not my only notebook, but it might be the most important because it’s where a lot of ideas start.


April 29, 2024