SwiftUI added a pretty cool new property to Color to easily create subtle gradients.


Now, all colors, even custom colors, come with a standard gradient. The problem is that the gradients all go top to bottom. I submitted feedback to allow changing the direction, but, turns out, there's already a way! You can use new ShapeStyle functions to create gradients using a color's standard gradient. For example:

Text("Hello, World!")
    .foregroundStyle(.linearGradient(Color.orange.gradient, startPoint: .leading, endPoint: .trailing))

    .fill(.radialGradient(Color.cyan.gradient, center: .center, startRadius: 0, endRadius: 500))

I like the new standard gradients. They even work with custom colors, like Color(red: 91/255, green: 140/255, blue: 90/255).gradient. And I'm glad you can derive new gradients from them with ShapeStyle—adds a lot more possibilities.