I spent the last couple of days trying to add Shared with You support. I followed a couple pretty straight forward guides:

It seemed easy enough. But for some reason, I couldn't get anything to show up. I even tried with a couple vanilla apps, both SwiftUI and UIKit, and nothing.

I had no idea what to do.

This morning, I decided to start fresh. Made a new app from scratch, copied an apple-app-site-association file from an app I knew worked, made the necessary changes for my app, and put up a simple site on Netlify. I sent a test link to myself, and...it worked! I was elated, surprised, shocked, and confused.

I looked at the difference between the allegedly good apple-app-site-association and my own. Only one difference, one of my paths had a question mark—search/?*. I changed it to search/*, deployed my site, loaded up the app on my phone, and guess what. Like 20 links that I had been sending myself like a crazy person all flooded in. I could cry.

I can't even remember why I had that ?. Maybe I thought it would be an extra check to make sure there was at least one character? IDK. Maybe something else will break down the line, but that's a problem for future Sam. Not me.