It’s been 215 days since my last post on here. I had been posting pretty regularly for nearly a year up until the end of August 2023. Mostly was writing dev logs for my app ScreenCred. But other stuff too. And then, I think I just broke?

Towards the end of August, I started thinking about becoming more “serious” about blogging. I thought I wanted part of my identity to be that I was a blogger. I was going to start a new series called Low Power Mode. The idea was to write about getting things done will minimal energy. I have a folder full of notes and ideas. I drafted 5 or 6 posts. I made updates to my site to be able to highlight this new series. I was ready to go.

Then I wasn’t.

Honestly, still not totally sure what happened—maybe I should figure that out? But I think the gist is that once again, I just burned out and shut down. It sounded like too much work. It felt restrictive. It felt permanent for some reason. I could see the signs that this was going to be no fun at all.

I kinda stopped everything I was doing. Stopped working on ScreenCred. Stopped working on my Obsidian plugin. Stopped bookbinding. Stopped blogging.

Ron Swanson saying “I hate everything”

I filled that time with reading. I read like 25 books. Just needed to reset.

Ron Swanson throwing a computer into the dumpster

Like I’ve written about before, my blogging desires come and go. And seriously seem to coincide with the seasons. It’s spring now, so I guess I feel like blogging again. In fact, I started a new blog.

Lemon Point Bricks

2024 is is the year of LEGO for me. And I decided that involves blogging about LEGO. So spun up Lemon Point Bricks.

I tried Instagram, but I just don’t get it anymore. I want a blog to be my primary outlet. Ownership and open web and all that good stuff. Will still occasionally post on Instagram. Check it out and let me know what you think...if I can figure out a way for you to send me feedback.

Since I’m not doing much programming in my free time anymore, I need to de-emphasize dev logs on here. I’ve now got my LEGO blog and so this will be my whatever else blog. Stuff that is uninteresting to anyone but me. Going to try and take things chill.

Ron Swanson saying “I’ve said too much” and walking away

Well. TMI. So, see ya later. But probably soon.