2024 is the year of LEGO for me. As part of that I started an Instagram to show off some of the things I was working on. I hadn't used Instagram in years and I don't like it anymore. So I started a new blog. I like that better. As a self-hosted Ghost instance, I owned it all.

But in a story as old as time, I lost steam. I wasn't posting as regularly as I had hoped to. I just got excited and got ahead of myself. It started to seem like a waste of resources to have a whole separate blog for something I was sporadically posting to.

I was redesigning this site in a move away from Blot.im to just use Eleventy and Netlify. I had already been wanting to shut down my mastodon instance for several months. Seemed right to do it all and consolidate lemonpointbricks.com into samwarnick.com too. That's one thing I love about the internet and software in general—it is relatively inexpensive to experiment. I tried a separate blog and it didn't really work for me. I'll try putting everything on samwarnick.com. If that doesn't work, I might try something else. I'm just going to keep trying things.

I've moved all the posts from lemonpointbricks.com to samwarnick.com. I will continue to blog about LEGO, but I want to give myself the room and freedom to not feel obligated to blog about LEGO. So stick around for that sweet LEGO content.