My AirPods weren't charging beyond 72% for some reason. So I factory reset them, and now they are charging again. It's comical how often the answer to fixing things really is to turn it off and back on. I was FaceTiming with my parents once and they were complaining about their computer acting up. My then 3 year-old suggested they restart the computer. Guess what. It worked. It even works with a lot of software issues. UI in a bad state? Force quit the app and open it again. Not seeing something you should be? Try logging out and back in.

Have you tried turning it off and on again?

Sometimes I feel like I need a reboot too[1], but I won't get into that—I think the parallels are pretty obvious.

Rebooting is a simple solutions. I often find myself reaching for the simple solution last though. I go down the rabbit hole, trying obscure solutions from Reddit and StackOverflow, only to try rebooting as a last result. Yeah, it doesn't always work. You're right. But, like Occam's Razor says, simpler explanations (or solutions) are generally better than more complex ones.

Complexity can can be fun, but it's a trap. Keeps things simple. Just try turning something on and off first.

  1. I'm a real human.